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I know, I know….

First this place was as dead as a doornail for MONTHS, and now, suddenly… two posts in one day, revolving new looks, banners, etc.

So, what insanity might you expect next?  Well, for starters, you’ll probably see our first release of the DVD version of Working!! very soon. Why bother with that, you may ask? Good question. I’d say better video quality, revised scripts, and loving QC.

In fact, if you are one of the many folks who were displeased with the earlier Himatsubushi releases, you should give us a try again. Better yet, let me know what you think!  I’d like some feedback from you. Critics welcome! Even those who think that “THERE ARE NO GOOD FANSUB GROUPS.”

‘Nuff said… back to editing for now.

P.S.: to the “Admin” who wrote the previous post… you forgot to thank yourself!


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Spring 2010 Update

Here is TBA-chan and the tl:dr. You can skip this completely. xD

Himatsubushi had done 2 shows last season. One is Working!!, another is Angel Beats. I work mainly in Angel Beats’ side.

The group was lacking active members. It wasn’t very productive so we tried something new in May. But we couldn’t find dedicated editor and we had to ask for random help, including but not limited to Psychofox and Grade-A-Business-English-Spiegeleixxl. And yes, I am also responsible for that. That means we could not deliver the quality release. I’m very sorry about that.

The biggest achievement in this season was that we finally found our editor. For people who still watch our release, I would say that our releases was getting much better recently. The second achievement is that we found the way to speedsub. We did not abuse the use because we liked the show and didn’t like to ruin the enjoyment for fans.

That means under certain circumstance, we can produce a good and timely release. And when it’s needed, we can do a very fast Estaron-Engrish release too.

I also have to say thanks for the team:

Estaron – for waking up at mid night and translate in light speed.
DeXtination – for putting the love in her edit.
RHExcelion – for being helpful in providing us good encode in a rather timely fashion. I’m looking forward to cooperate again.
Psychofox – for being helpful, friendly and annoying in the same time. XD
Cryptw – for fixing ep6 and released the official sub.
Evillinkz – for helping in editing an episode.
Flashgordon – thanks for his fabulous edit. Things could be better if we gave enough time for him to edit (Though he didn’t edit when he was given enough time).
Cowteats – for adding trolls xD

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